Hot Sale de bonne qualité de plus de 10 t/h mazout gaz type D four chaudière à vapeur à tube d'eau
Hot Sale de bonne qualité de plus de 10 t/h mazout gaz type D four chaudière à vapeur à tube d'eau

Hot Sale de bonne qualité de plus de 10 t/h mazout gaz type D four chaudière à vapeur à tube d'eau

La chaudière à mazout (gaz) de la série SZS produite par notre société est un agencement typique de type D de chaudière

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Informations de base
Emplacement du tambourChaudière horizontale
Niveau de fabricationUN
Style brûlantChaudière à combustion à chambre
UsageIndustriel, Centrale électrique
Forfait transportTransport maritime Transport routier et ferroviaire
Marque déposéewxchevaux
Code SH8402900000
Capacité de production10000t/Y
Description du produit

The SZS series oil (gas) boiler produced by our company is a typical D-type arrangement of double-drum vertical water tube boilers. According to the boiler capacity, there are two types: quick-installation and assembly-type. The rated evaporation capacity is less than 50t/h for quick-installation. Type, 50t/h or more is an assembly type. This series of boilers are composed of upper and lower drums, (superheater), furnace, water wall, convection tube bundle and economizer. The burner is arranged on the front wall. After combustion, the flue gas is discharged into the chimney through the convection tube bundle and the economizer. The water walls of this series of boilers are arranged in dense rows or membrane walls. The flue gas partition walls are arranged in membrane walls and finned tubes. The inner protective plate adopts a fully enclosed welding structure. The boiler is equipped with explosion-proof doors and other safety devices.Features:1. This boiler adopts double-drum D-type layout, compact structure, small floor space and good flame fullness.2. The boiler adopts a lower support method, which can expand upwards freely.3. The water-cooled wall of the furnace adopts a densely packed membrane wall structure, which effectively reduces the workload and maintenance of refractory bricks.4. The boiler adopts airtight inner guard plate, the furnace body has good sealing performance, and the outer layer adopts concave-convex pressed guard plate, which is beautiful and beautiful in appearance.5. The convection tube bundle membrane wall of this boiler is equipped with inspection holes, which provides great convenience for use and maintenance.6. The boiler adopts quick assembly and semi-assembly structure, which can effectively shorten the installation period.7. This boiler adopts high thermal resistance material as the heat insulation layer, which has good heat preservation performance.8. The finned tube steel pipe economizer is used to effectively control the exhaust gas temperature and the boiler has high thermal efficiency.9. The whole boiler sits on a rigid base, which is convenient for installation and transportation.10. The boiler has a rich heating surface and a large enough steam and water space to ensure the stability of the boiler parameters.11. The boiler adopts imported burners, which has high combustion efficiency and has the functions of ignition program control and overpressure flameout protection;12. The boiler feed water adopts continuous automatic adjustment, and has protection interlocking functions such as high and low water level alarms.